the end of the road….

The last three weeks of my life were spent at Lafayette Academy.  It was a very rewarding experience.  The children helped me to stretch myself and to learn how to leading the children with hurting one of them.  A few of the kids did not want to cooperate during the first week and a half but after they started to get used to us they decided to be apart of the final presentation and I appreciated that.

I never would of have thought in a million years that i would have been sad to leave the children.  I was actually heart broken on last Friday when I hugged the kids and said my goodbyes. Our finale project worked out to be fantastic. The transitionsfrom one grade to the next worked out well. All of the kids worked with us and not against us and they seemed to have fun and actually understand what we were there for. Lafayette Academy was a great host and 2 cent did a great job putting everything together for us.

Overall this project helped me grow into a better person that knows how to handle children and myself in almost every situation.

jasmine ka wise


week three!

This week will be bittersweet for me. I’m happy cause we will be through with the project and the children get to show their parents. I’m also sad because the project is over and I have to leave the kids.

For this week everything need to be done by Wednesday, All of the children should know the lines and the skits should be practiced or recorded whichever one needs to happen. The mural doesn’t have to be finish in such a hurry like the skits. It can be finished on Thursday if need be. I want it to get done but not as bad as i want the skits to be done. I want them to look polished and practiced in front of the parents. 

I think that it will all come together when the kids that are going to be in actually listen to us and work with us like they are supposed to. The situation that we will have to deal with is getting the 4th graders out of LEAP tutoring just for a minute and actually just making it a minute. I don’t want to hold them longer than I have to and have them miss something important.  We should be able to make it really quick and get the kids out and back to LEAP tutoring.

I hope that the kids enjoy what they are doing because if they don’t they won’t do as good of a job in front of their parents. But if not the parents are still going to love it because it’s their children up there.

jasmine k a wise

end of week 2 :-)

At the end of week two I’m proud but yet still a little bit worried.  I’m proud of the fact we have a vision and a outlet for the vision.  But I’m in still worried because I still don’t know which children will be doing with things on stage. Also the time limit which we have to practice in scares me just a tad.

I think that the children are finally getting the concept of speak up for change.  The moral and skits are underway. The children are drawing wonderfully and the skits were being written.  I’m so proud of them in that aspect. We do have some problem children that refuse to cooperate with us but we’re trying to work around them and get the project done anyway.

Now on to my worries. I’m a little worried about whose actually going to be there for the showcase. The childrenare there one day and then I don’t see them for the next two days.  You don’t know whose going to be there to perform for the parents on the last day.  I hope that the children know how to make up thing on the spot if they have to on stage with out some of their peers.

Other than that little (well sometimes big) problem the 4th-7th graders should be ready come Friday to perform for thier parents!

jasmine k a wise

Week 2…

For week two I think that we should get the mural underway. I think the way we should go about it is letting each child have his or her own block of the mural. Each child has a space that they can write, draw, color, or whatever they want to do with.

They also need to go to each group and see the things that they came up with to see what you MC skits or commercials will consist of. They already have ideas for things like a boxing ring or poetry night to be the themes that they use. We just have to incorporate the others groups talents into it. The kids need to figure out who’s saying what and when they are saying it.

By the end of this week the whole mural should be drawn out and started to be colored and the children should at least know what they want to say so that we can practice next week.

jasmine wise

1st Week!

Day one started to be a  little overwhelming but as the day progress it got worse. Just because we didn’t have a solid idea of what was going to go on during the next three weeks.  The second day that I was there turned out to be better. We began to learn the kids and how they functioned and who liked  to do what. Our group started off just a tab bit rocky at first because we didn’t know how many kids we were going to have or for how long. The kids also started to warm up to us and communicate the ideas that they had for the project. Now that we have all of those technical things worked out; we can make progress.  We ended up getting a lot accomplished at the end of week one. The kids (with the help of us) decided that they would be the MCs for the program. Most of the children said that they loved to draw so therefore; they are going to do an mural for the back drop of the stage when they perform. 

The mural will focus on the speak up for change theme and their two cents.  Most of the children had problems with image and peers talking about them.  This somehow will be depicted on the mural. The kids seemed to grasp the ides of speak up for change and what we are here for besides homework help. That in itself is important to me.  

jasmine wise

First Day Jitters


I honestly believe that the first day is going to be just a little bit overwhelming for me and for the children. Just think..we are strangers coming into their school and telling them that they have to participate in a after school program.  Don’t get me wrong I’m super excited also.

After we meet with our groups I first think that we should do something in addition to the dollars for change exercise. I don’t have an idea yet, it might just be as simple as asking them their opinion on their school. What needs to be changed in New Orleans is something else that we could ask the children to brainstorm about. 

 My group and I should also give them the reasons why we’re there and what we hope to accomplish in the next 3 weeks. We should let them know that this is their project not ours but we are here to help in any necessary.  We are there to guide and for them to ask questions not there to tell them exactly what they should do and how to do it.

I think that all of that can be accomplished in one hour.  The kids might have “homework” sometimes just to come up with new ideas or brainstorm from time to time but I don’t think that they will mind.

Service Learning Project

I believe that since I am working with the older children that I might have an pretty easy time at this project.  We will have more ideas and personalities to work within our group.  They will be creative in coming up with ideals and presentation style. It almost might be a bad thing because I won’t be able to just tell them any old thing and they believe me. 

 I really have no ideas on what will is gonna go on in the project.  I just want for the kids and I both to take something away from this experience that last for therest of our lives.  I just want them to be able to voice their opinions on what needs to be changed and how they will help to change it.

I am concern with the time limitations. I don’t know how much time we need on brainstorming compared to putting it together compared to practicing.  I am also concerned with communication issues between me and my group.  Since we won’t all be there everyday we will have to a way to communicate with each other to make sure that things are being accomplished as we had planned.

Jasmine Wise